Writers wear many hats, which editors
adjust, replace, and remove.

nonprofit mARKETING

Philanthropic writing feels meaningful and timely, adding an urgency to a nonprofit's brand's voice. For morea decade, everything that posted or printed at United Way of San Diego County first passed my desk.


For two years, I cobbled pithy prose for a small San Francisco ad agency, working mostly with package design text. I wrote tags, promo blurbs, and  package copy for national brands, including Jamba Juice, Bud Lite Lime, and Wild Harvest Organic.

SAN DIEGO publications

I started as a typesetter at the San Diego Reader in 1989, my entry into local alternative press. This "start-in-the-mailroom" training continued onto proofreader, then assistant editor and, eventually, a staff writer. At the

Reader  I cut my teeth and honed my craft.

copy editing

I learned to become a writer's editor (your voice, 

not mine), while still sticking to the basics: active verbs, concrete nouns, limited passive voice, and the Oxford comma. I know my way around style manuals (Chicago, yes; AP, no) and the syntax of an APA reference.