Since 2008, I've taught a version of communication in San Diego State University's Hospitality department. Writing in Recreational Settings (RTM 396) grew from a basic grammar-and-vocabulary class into a practical writing course that includes resumes and cover letters, Yelp reviews and short essays.

In 2012, I was hired to write curriculum for a new program, the Chinese Hospitality Education Initiative (CHEI) promoting "Hospitality English" to schools in China. For the next three years I wrote, developed, taught, and coached students (and visiting teachers) to adapt simple and clear ways to communicate in English while working in hospitality. HTM 496, Service Satisfaction for Global Consumers, is no longer offered, but that could change.

Currently, RTM 396 builds  skills based on practical writing assignments that students will actually need in their futures. By deploying active verbs and concrete nouns, avoiding forms of "To Be" and eliminating unnecessary words (like awesome and amazing) Juniors and Seniors who must pass the GWAR (Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement) learn how to write more cogent, concise sentences. Former students' good word of mouth—from majors in Mechanical Engineers to Nursing, Business to Biology—regularly results in waitlists for my all my classes. Four sections and counting!