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And you haven't spoken since...

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Who did you stop talking to? And how often do you think of her?

What am I, a mind reader?

The fiercest female friendships, with their revelatory intimacies, broken hearts, and broken vows (vows you took while talking too much) are bound by an axiom I’ll borrow from Yeats: “The thing cannot last; the centre cannot hold.”

Some friendships fuse again post-fracture, after time or talk or tears (or therapy). Or after that LinkedIn post, hiding behind professional curiosity, barely masking the heart-racing fear/hope of reconnection: to talk again! to laugh again!

Not so fast, sister.

That rupture, that wound, seared on someone else’s psyche whose narrative you don’t control, isn’t negotiated in a moment of shared nostalgia or some “life is too short” bumper sticker you decided was a sign while stuck in traffic. Even those "falling outs" forgotten for decades: from third grade or Freshman year. Lurking like a dormant virus.

Might you be ready to unleash it? Your side, anyway. Here's a place where you can. But first, find a pseudonym. It's just safer that way...

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