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Jamba Juice

Juicies & Smoothies

Writing copy for Jamba Juice's first grocery aisle foray brought out my metaphor mania. Alas,

the bottled juicies & smoothies were short lived on shelves ... but while stocked at eye level, I visited local stores to turn the bottles backwards, blurbs out.


Be berry, berry good to you…
Support your local skeletal system:

A boost of calcium helps support the development and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones.

Be fruitful and multiply…
No whey? Yes, whey!

A boost of whey protein

promotes healthy cell growth, maintenance, and reproduction.


Bud Lite Lime Promo 

April 2007

Bud Lite Lime launched at the beginning of the boom on enhanced beers, timed with my promo-positing blurbs for a
San Francisco-based package designer. Many brews fizzled out, but BLL keeps twisting...

Wild Harvest Organic

September 2008

Back-of-the-box copy included a listicle
(article + list) plus fun factoids.



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